Government initiatives and legislative proposals that negatively affect your business can quickly create a 'domino effect' inducing similar initiatives in other statehouses and on Capitol Hill. The power of Vigilant Worldwide Communications resides in the fact that our network of lobbyists and political consultants allows us to quickly mitigate these threats before they can develop any momentum, saving your business long-term costs.

Vigilant Worldwide has developed a complete range of services offering comprehensive strategy solutions specifically tailored to each client's unique government relations needs at the federal and state levels.


Vigilant consultants identify and track emerging legislative and regulatory trends at the state and federal levels that have the potential to negatively or positively impact your business. By developing prompt reports on relevant developments, Vigilant allows our clients to better predict the future political atmosphere and adjust their business strategy accordingly.


Utilizing years of political and business experience, Vigilant consultants and lobbyists help you analyze complex issues facing your business, identify key areas of interest to our clients, and connect you to political and industry leaders who can help you meet your long-term objectives.


Vigilant lobbyists are experts in the legislative and regulatory process with time-tested political connections. We provide our clients access to the key decision makers, staffers, bureaucrats, legislators, Members of Congress, and Administration officials that are most relevant to your specific issues. Our lobbyists can launch aggressive education campaigns by arranging for congressional hearings, face-to-face meetings with congressional staff and/or Members of Congress and agency officials to develop solutions to the problems facing your business. Our lobbyists have the proven ability to impact the process in Washington, D.C. and in statehouses across the nation to the benefit of our clients.